Why is this “Behaviour of collecting”?

Before someday, we had a female dog who is pregnant. And she is partially a pet of ours. And when we gave her food then she ate some of the food and the rest of the food she took away with her (probably for the children). Now come to the second story.
We had another dog same as the above story. And when we gave him food then he ate the food and now he was not hungry. Then he took the rest of the food, dig a hole, and covered it.

Now the question is why is this “behavior of collecting”?
It is understandable in humans and the first condition BUT why in the second condition.
OK, let's understand the meaning of this “behavior of collecting”.

Meaning of “Behaviour of collecting”

As we can easily watch, people are doing hard work and collecting the money as much as possible. Here I am taking money only because we can buy any physical thing with money. But you know that we don’t need much money to survive or just living a life (with bread, clothes, house).
Now, as we can survive with some bucks daily then why we try to collect too many. So when we can need only a limited amount of things but we collect things more than the need. That’s the definition of “Behaviour of collecting”. (My own definition)

Why we want to collect in excess

Reasons for this can be many. Let's categorize it.

Yes, definitely the Lack or Abundance affects the behavior of collecting. Because it motivates, pushes, and encourages us to do or don’t this. Let's understand this with a story:-
There are two boys ‘Amit’ and ‘Bhavani’. Now Amit grew up in such an environment where his parents are not giving him the money for eating street food BUT they give him the money for all other essential things/works. And Bhavani has no restriction like that.
Now come to the first condition where Amit will collect the money from different sources to eat the street food. But Bhavani will not do that because he has the money for that.
So, that’s how Lack and Abundance work as a reason for the Behaviour of collecting.

So, it’s not necessary that a child's upbringing is a reason for the behavior of collecting. But in the example of Amit, if he encounters this type of restriction for a long time then it will develop this behavior in him. Whenever he will realize that he is lacking something then he will start collecting that particular thing or money for that.
BUT it can also be possible that his parents tell him the bad effects of street food and he stops collecting money for that. And then this behavior will not develop in him at all.

Yes, in my point of view this is a solid reason for the behavior of collecting. Now come to that story again.
Let’s assume, Bhavani thinks (overthinks) that what happens if his parent will not give me the money for the street food like Amit. Then he will do the same thing as Amit (start to collect money).
In this condition, Bhavani is overthinking. Sometimes, overthinking is good, but it will become a problem when overthinking becomes a habit.

No, definitely not. Animals also collect things. The difference between humans and animals is that animals don’t know about money. Most of the time (95%) partial pet animals (like street dogs, cats) do that because they are in touch with humans and it’s explainable in 2nd point.
Now the reason for collecting things in animals is:-
They have some understanding as Amit. This means they know that it’s not necessary that they will get the food another day so they just collect it and use it another day.

How the ‘habit of the collection’ developed in human being

So in the early days, humans also like animals. They just eat and sleep. But as the development process go forward then they have some thoughts like:-

1. Firstly they slept under the trees and caves. But some other animal or human being snatched their specific place and then they started to create a home for themselves.

2. Secondly they got to know that probably they will not get the food the next day then they started to keep the food in their houses.

3. And this process has gone far and far and stopped at keeping the money only as you can get any physical thing with money. But this CoViD-19 taught all of us that money is not necessary, food, clothes, and roof are necessary.

That’s about the “behavior of collecting”.

Disclamer:-These are my own thoughts on this. I researched on Google and join my knowledge with and gathered the information together and now it’s presented to you. It means it’s raw and mini-research. Don’t take it personally if you have some problems with this.

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